About me

Hello! I'm Aliaksei Zinchanka (or Alexey Zinchenko), a software engineer based in Minsk, Belarus. I have over eight years of experience in implementing software solutions. Experienced in Java, Groovy, JavaScript/TypeScript programming languages. I specialize mostly in backend development using modern frameworks like Spring. Sometimes I do frontend part using React library, mostly in my pet-projects.

Coding has been my passion since I was at middle school. I remember how I got super excited when I wrote my first alchemy-like TUI game. Another lasting memory is when I learned how to write modifications for Minecraft. From then to now, this interest has only grown to involve more complex projects and challenges over the years.

When I'm not coding, I love watching and playing computer games, reading. Outdoor activities also take place in my life. But on a typical weekend, you're more likely to find me experimenting with pet-projects, coding challenges or learning something new.

I always wanted to do something useful to the world. One of my dreams is to participate in some science project or start-up. I love to read and dream about space. This topic fascinates me a lot. Thence sometimes I'm thinking about making a video game about space. Hope, I'll make my dreams come true one day :)

I'm constantly striving to learn new tools and techniques. I love facing new algorithmic challenges and advancing my skills. I pride myself on my ability to discover and learn different things. My area of interest is quite large :)

If you have any proposals and you're looking for a passionate, dedicated developer with a knack for specifics, let's talk! Reach me at alexey.zinchenko@proton.me or use the contacts below.


OpenWeatherMap Java API

OpenWeatherMap Logo

Java API for OpenWeatherMap services. It was designed in a way to detect errors or misconfiguration on compile time.

Link: Github


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